About Renovation Services

What kind of services does Interior Hunters provide?
Interior Hunters is a designer-customer matching platform, providing one stop solution of home renovation service. We assist you at every stage, starting from matching the right designer to professional consultation, budgeting, personalised design style, all the way to on-site renovation and decors mix and match.

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Does Interior Hunters provide minor repair and maintenance work?
Interior Hunters do not provide minor repair and maintenance work. 
However, we do have a defects management team that provides maintenance work for all Interior Hunters customers. 
Does Interior Hunters provide warranty for renovation?
Generally, we offer a 1-year warranty from the date of signing handover documents. 
Certain products' warranty vary according to the manufacturer terms and warranty which is presented before the purchase.
T&C apply, please refer to the Warranty letter.
Do I get charged for requesting the quotation?
No. Interior Hunters offer basic consultation services for free upon quotation request. 
In 1 week, an interior designer will be assigned to schedule a Zoom discussion with you.
In another week, you will receive the layout plan, mood board and quotation. 

  Meanwhile, we offer a paid version for time-booster. 
If you choose for paid version of quotation request service, within 24 hours, an interior designer will be assigned to schedule a Zoom discussion with you, and in another 24 hours, you will receive a layout plan, mood board and quotation. 

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What are the general consultations could Interior Hunter provide?
Interior Hunters provide:

i. Personalised pre-planning - to fit your requirements and needs. Our experienced Interior designers and team help you to draw out the whole renovation roadmap including some components that you might have missed out.

ii. Budgets Planning - based on your requirement and expectation, we draft out a workable budget to turn your dream home into reality. 

iii. Materials Advisory -Many types of material are available in the market, our designers will help you to understand the pros & cons of all the materials before you select any material. 

iv. Design Identification & Space Planning - Create a customised design mood board, determine the renovation work required to be done based on your needs and priorities. We provide professional advice on the budget and establish a comprehensive space planning. 

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Are all your interior designers well trained?
All Interior Hunters designers have relevant qualifications in interior design, either diploma or degree. 
Every designer is led by a dedicated mentor who has more than 6 years of experience in the industry.
Moreover, Interior Hunters provide bi-weekly materials & trend updates in the market to our designers. 
We strive to equip our designers through the latest information & knowledge in the industry, in order to deliver excellent service to our customers

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About Design Services

What is online consultation service?
Virtual conference is becoming the new norm, we now offer online consultation service through Zoom. 

Simple steps to your dream home: 
Step 1: Submit your basic information (via the request form here)
Step 2: Waiting for the assigned interior design consultant 
Step 3: Schedules a Zoom meeting with designer 
Step 4: Brainstorming with designer during online discussion 
Step 5: Receive space planning & mood board 

The Zoom discussion enables the designer to understand your requirements and needs.  Do share about yourself, your ideal home and your preference during the brainstorm session.  The more information you share, the better the designer can perform! 
What will I get from the online consultation?
After the online session, we will prepare a detailed space planning & mood board for your review.  This is to ensure that the plan is aligned with your expectation, with that, we will work out a detailed quotation
How would you charge for drawings?
All our packages are available on shop
If you have any special request that is not included in packages, you may submit an enquiry to our careline service. Our careline team will contact you within 24 hours!
How many revisions do you provide? 
In general, we provide 3 revisions, every additional revision is subject to charges. 
How do Interior Hunters get close to your expectation/ what should I expect from the process?
We understand the pain of not being able to express dissatisfaction but to accept the disappointing outcome. Hence, we introduce this designer-customer matching service to connect Mr/Mrs. Right designers for you.  The Interior Hunters mechanisms of filtering is extremely crucial before any work commences.  Do check out our designers profile and their styles, during the interview, remember to ask questions and allow them to demonstrate their skills and creativity. Connecting with the designer who resonates with you is the first right step. Just put the ball in our court and  we will make it happen!
How do interior designers charge for their professional design time?
Hiring an interior designer is an investment that saves your time and effort. 
It grants you the peace of mind while getting your renovation work done professionally in a cost-effective manner. 

Currently, there is no standard guideline in the industry about how interior designers should charge. But generally there are three common formats– Hourly Fee, Flat Fee and Cost Plus.
Hourly fee means there is an hourly fee per team member, and you will be charged based on the hours taken to complete the project. 

Flat Fee is when you are billed one flat fee for the scope of the work of the entire project, including the design, execution and completion of your job.

Cost Plus means a flat fee is calculated based on the percentage of the expenses for the job.

Remember to make sure you have a clear picture about the ID billing method and frequency when interviewing with prospective interior designers.

Interiors Hunters will work with you to develop a mutually agreed estimated budget and professional design timeline based on the size of your project.
What is Interior Hunters style?
We don’t subscribe to just one particular design style such as modern, transitional or traditional.  As a creative professional platform, we have more than 10 designers who are capable to work on various styles, such as elegant traditional kitchens, soft-modern bathrooms, mid-century family rooms, to name a few. 

Creativity and variety keep our business fresh and interesting. As such, we are always open to collaborate with new artisans and vendors to help creating a unique masterpiece for you , and build your personalised style that speak for your dream and vision

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