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Muji Style

12 Mar 2021 | Tip & Trends

Muji style in interior design originated from the Japan Retail Store, Mujirushi Ryohin, which translates as “ no-brand quality goods”. Founded in 1980, the core philosophy in Muji is beyond minimalism, it’s also about quality, functionality, aesthetic and environmental friendly, with a hint of Japan...

Debunk The Myth About Low Cost

22 Feb 2021 | Tip & Trends

3 typical responses we received from our clients when we asked about the budget

Q: What’s your budget for this renovation?

A: I don’t know how to allocate my budget; or
A: I have a very limited budget; or
A: Yes, I only have RMXXX budget....

How To Start A Budget Plan?

22 Feb 2021 | Tip & Trends

Okay, let's look at this budgeting formula:

Total Budget = Design Fees + Home Remodelling (both labour & materials) + Built In Cabinets + Soft Furnishings (Furnitures, Decorations) + Electrical Appliances 

Before we determine the ratio of budget allocation...

4 Common Mistakes To Avoid During Renovation

22 Feb 2021 | Tip & Trends

Mistake 1:
Wrong Management During Renovation

Avoid having multiple contractors work on the same areas at the same time. Manage the work schedule properly will spare you the trouble...

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