Debunk The Myth About Low Cost

22 Feb 2021 | Tip & Trends

3 typical responses we received from our clients when we asked about the budget

Q: What’s your budget for this renovation?

A: I don’t know how to allocate my budget; or
A: I have a very limited budget; or
A: Yes, I only have RMXXX budget.

Low cost does not necessarily mean we actually SAVED money!  

If you merely compare prices and choose the lowest price, you are incentivizing the designer to omit items from their quotation just to win the job. More often than not, these items would turn up as additional or ‘hidden costs’, a stigma that give the ID industry a bad and shady name. 

The focus shall be, how to spend our hard earned money at the right place? Are we getting the most out of the dollars you spend

Here’s a tip, always do research about the designers and design firms that you plan to engage, make sure they are both reputable and experienced. Luckily, there are many reputable firms in Malaysia can be found on Google search. There are also some open forums for homeowners to discuss and share their experiences and makeover journey.

The price alone does not tell the whole story, and most certainly does not guarantee quality.

What Should I Do?

How much are you willing to spend to get what you want?

“What if my designer markup the price because I give a high budget? What if the actual cost worth lower that?”

Remember you are always in control of the narrative, not the other way around.

What matter most is the value of the makeover. Make sure your designers clearly layout the details about what exactly are you paying for.

Trust in the experts and they will make your money well-spent, make sure what you get is worth your weight in gold.

Understand what you wants and needs.

It’s easy to envision our dream home but it’s challenging when we get down to the nitty gritty of bringing that dream to reality.

Interior designer is an important investment. We’re trained to help you identify and manage your needs and wants. Why go through the hassles when you could just delegate the tasks to us?

Identify your style.

The interior design world is a never-ending exploration of your personal being. Are you fun, quirky, eccentric? Or rather quiet, uncluttered demeanor? Or perhaps a bit of both?

Unsure about your preferred style and personal traits? Don’t worry, social media platform today can guide you through this discovery process. Before you engage with interior designer, do explore apps such as Instagram, Pinterest, xiao hong shu,, a wide range of styles is at your fingertips, and it help us to quickly identify your style.

Start your budget plan journey!

Real budgeting expert plans everything ahead with careful consideration, they have a clear picture of what and how to spend, and of get ready with contingency fund

Without a proper plan and budget, the project could easily spiral out of control, and the unexpected costs can be frightening.

Get a renovation checklist, crunch the numbers and follow the guidelines. You can always make adjustment to those numbers but now you have a very clear insight about where your dollar spent. .

Seek for experts help!

Engage with an interior designer who resonate with you. These are the people in the market who can be of good help and their roles in the makeover process.

Interior Designers
Able to quickly select the right candidate for your job.

Project Managers
Manage the hired workers and ensure them to perform high precision tasks

Provide materials, labours and equipment and services to expertly execute on-site task.

Provide the most suitable materials and products for the renovation project

Third party sellers who offer similar products, often lower than the perceived value price.

There are many resellers or distributors who are able to source their products directly from manufacturer, ofen price the products at lower rate, for instances, TaoBao, Lazada or other online sellers. It’s okay to source your furnitures or household items from various sources, but remember never make hasty or impulse purchase before getting a clear picture of the products.

Always consult your designer you purchase, as the product may not line up with the design they have for you in mind.

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