4 Common Mistakes To Avoid During Renovation

22 Feb 2021 | Tip & Trends

Mistake 1:
Wrong Management During Renovation

Avoid having multiple contractors work on the same areas at the same time. Manage the work schedule properly will spare you the troubles of fixing errors.

Mistake 2:
Verbal agreement with contractors/suppliers

Is able to provide clarity in communication to both the homeowner and the contractors/ suppliers. By making clear what they will be providing through the proper illustrations and examples, they are able to effectively manage your expectations on what the final outcome would be.

Mistake 3:
Selected on the wrong parties who run away from the project

It’s not uncommon to hear stories about contractors running away from a project without notice. These can be prevented if the design firms have thoroughly vetted their contractors / suppliers from the start.

Mistake 4:
Judge too early on the pricing without understanding the different material/ service provided

Money saving is not about price comparison alone but select the right candidate for the job.

Unhealthy price wars indirectly encourage the designers to markup the pricing on other areas to in order to cover the margins, turns up to be hidden cost, hence lead to distrust and destroy relationship.

It’s difficult to call off a renovation work once things have started, redo and rectification work could blow up your budget.

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